Why Use Astravia

Saving you Time and Money

You may think that using your own staff to recruit for you saves you money, not the case; the cost of your teams’ time starts to mount up when going through the recruitment process.

We are consistent and transparent with our fees ensuring you are getting value for money with the best service at the best price.

What it takes to recruit a candidate... in an ideal world

  • Write job description
  • Advertise the vacancy
  • Screen applicants
  • Devise shortlist
  • Organise interviews
  • Advise unsuccessful applicants
  • Interview
  • Offer
  • Acceptance

If only it was all so easy... sometimes it is, but we are dealing with people

They change their minds, they get counter offered, they never intended to leave in the first place, they don’t attend interviews, they accept then change their mind following interview then you have to start the whole process again.

We at AstraVia do all the work for you so you can concentrate on what you do best, leaving us to do what we do best.

  • Job description – you can provide us with a written job description, or key points and we can create the job description for you. You will fully brief us as to what you are looking for. This gives us a clear understanding of the type of person you are looking for that role, we will discuss your company in full with you and understand what your company does, we will visit your premises so we are clear on who you want.
  • Advertising the job – this can be costly. Some sites are free; however advertising jobs on sites where you will attract a range of candidates can increase your recruitment budget. We already pay subscriptions on this and also we may already have the candidate that you are looking for without having to advertise. Also sometimes you may want to keep the vacancy confidential, this could be a high profile position, or you may be seeking to replace a current employee…some unsuitable candidates may only also be attracted by your name. We already have access to the candidates and we can speak to a wider range of suitable applicants.
  • Screening Applicants – Easier said than done. Telephone enquiries, CV’s sent, filtering the suitable and the unsuitable. This can be a very long drawn out process. Some applicants may not be suitable for the role you are advertising for, but could be perfect for another role; we can take the time to speak to these candidates.
  • Devising a shortlist – We’ve sifted through the many applications, taken our time vetting them for you. Have they got the experience you require, are they serious about wanting to start a new role, and are they available for interviews? Can they provide references? We bring the applications down to a manageable level for you to consider for interview. Suitable candidates not the best of a pretty poor, lazily selected assortment of CV’s.
  • Unsuccessful applicants –contacting those who have not made the shortlist, and those who have not been selected for interview– this needs to be done quickly and efficiently, providing feedback on why they have been unsuccessful for that particular role.
  • Interview – organising the interviews –brief the candidate, directions, what to wear, times, who will be interviewing them,  take time helping them prepare, Preparation instills them with confidence and allows you the best possible interview with the candidate.
  • AstraVia interview– complete all our paperwork, provide us with ID and eligibility and we will take their references
  • Offer – Assist you in writing the offer letters – confirm salaries, confirm job role. The clearer the offer at this stage the less chance of refusal.
  • Acceptance – Help the candidate through the resignation process. Offering them clarity on all aspects of the role and company, this instills them with confidence from their very first day, allowing them to be the very best they can be in their new role.
  • We offer a replacement guarantee see our TOB’s attached.

Using AstraVia will mean you don’t lose productivity when you have a vacancy to fill, you can concentrate on the people already in your business and the whole process will ultimately be less stressful for you.