• When I lost my job at the beginning of July I was completely distraught. But I was really lucky that I found AstraVia. Victoria was amazing! She got me an interview after just 3 days so I knew I was in good hands. When I was unsuccessful at that interview, Victoria gave me the bad news but was so kind about it that I didn't worry. I knew she'd find me something.  There was always really good contact with Victoria, I had plenty of emails and phone calls to keep me updated on progress. I'd been in contact with other agencies as well but none were as good as AstraVia. They all made me feel like nothing was being done and that I was a burden to them. I didn't get that once with Victoria. She's found me an amazing job which I recently started and will hopefully one day become permanent. However, should it end as a temporary contract, I know exactly who I'll be calling!! Thank You Vic!!  

    Accountancy Candidate
  • ‘I contacted Victoria (AstraVia) the very day I was laid off from my previous job in mid-January 2014. 2 months and a bit have gone by since and I can now state: It was the best thing I could've done. Apart from her I also contacted a number of other recruiters, the result was she managed to get me 2 interviews in the period of just 7 working days, both at companies that were (and are) very appealing to me. None of the others got me an interview in that short period of time. The two main things I'm deeply grateful to her for (apart from getting me a job...) are, in first place she analysed me thoroughly (i.e. professional career and my own view of where I think I would fit best) and pointed me at the right vacancies. In second place, she made me feel at ease during our telecons and, by the way she spoke to me I was sure about the fact that she would eventually get me a job. The outcome: 2 weeks after I first rang Victoria I was handed a contract by my employer. So, what can I say, happy days!’

    Project Engineer Placed February 2014
  • "AstraVia were first class from day one.  They were in regular contact throughout my job hunt and always looked after my needs.  They were highly professional, down to earth and extremely diligent at all times.  They took the hassle and stress out of the process and I was extremely thrilled when they found me a placement.  Thank you guys!"

    Digital Marketing Manager Placed September 2013
  • "I fully endorse Astravia as a recruitment consultant, their assistance all the way through my appointment period was excellent and first class. Victoria kept me fully informed of all developments, and her help was invaluable. Once again many thanks, without your Professionalism I don't think I would be in my new position."

    Placement August 2013 - Estimating Manager
  • When I contacted AstraVia, I had just taken voluntary redundancy, I was filled with nerves and self-doubt over my decision, especially when being told by people the likelihood of long term unemployment was a real possibility due to current economic climate.

    I started looking online and saw a job which was advertised through AstraVia.  Feeling vulnerable and unsure about my future, I rang for more information and spoke with Victoria.  Instantly Victoria made me feel more optimistic, was empathetic to my current situation and gave me hope that change may not be quite so bleak.  I felt, having had previous experience of Recruitment Company’s that with AstraVia you were not just a potential fee earner or another one on the system you were a person.

    Shortly after sending my CV, I was contacted by Andrew, who gave me concise advice relating to expectation, employment market, current opportunities and great CV advice and feedback.  I arranged to meet with Andrew and Victoria regarding a potential role, which I discovered had been successful in gaining an interview for.  Again I was met by a friendly, genuine manner and a real sense of optimism and kindness.

    I was briefed fully on the role and company and attended the interview, slightly less apprehensive given that I had been briefed well and contacted the morning of the interview by AstraVia.  To my amazement I was offered the role.  Now six weeks with my new employer I feel settled and suited to both the role and company – something which Andrew and Victoria reassured me about all the way through the process.  The support from AstraVia hasn’t stopped there, check in phone calls to ensure I am settled in have been made.

    I can’t thank AstraVia enough for getting me through an unsettling period, I would have no hesitation in recommending and using again.

    Recently placed candidate
  • "A huge thank you to AstraVia and in particular Andrew who found me a job recently. After hearing that my then job was to be made redundant, I uploaded my CV on to AstraVia’s website and within minutes Andrew contacted me in order to gain a brief understanding of the situation I was in and to arrange a meeting with himself and Victoria to discuss what their objectives were in terms of attaining a job that would suit my background and experience. Although it took some time to secure a job, Andrew's dexterity, determination and perseverance in marketing me to relevant employers was incomparable to other recruitment companies I had previously dealt with, and frequently kept in contact, updating me with his progress and possible job opportunities. I highly recommend AstraVia to anyone who is currently seeking employment, as they are a good group of people and actually take personal interest in each individual’s job prospects and do the best they can to get them the right position."

    Placed candidate April 2013
  • ‘We have recently worked with Astravia to secure 2 key positions within our organisation.  Whilst the company was new, I had no worries using Astravia as I knew the directors of the company would provide an excellent service.  I am glad to say that was exactly what I received.  I wanted them to move quickly and they were able to provide exceptional candidates in a very short space of time.  I was very pleased with the service I received from Astravia and in particular Victoria, and I will definitely use their services again when I am looking to recruit’


    Finance Director - Manufacturing
  • Andrew provides a mature and committed approach to finding the best candidate for a role. His genuine interest and capability to understand business requirements in many sectors, ensures that the process is efficient and managed to a high standard. With such experience and enthusiasm, it enables both parties to establish clarity regarding the role, and the ability to set clear objectives, whilst dealing directly with a senior experienced and knowledgeable individual with a clear passion for providing the best solution. Sourcing recruitment needs through this route provides us with a strong support to our HR and the peace of mind that we will be presented with good quality, relevant candidates in a concise and professional manner.

    In amongst a sea of Companies constantly competing for business purely in an attempt to achieve targets, Andrew provides a very different approach, providing a 'bolt on' high quality solution provider to recruitment needs, which in turn ensures you can return to someone who has a sound understanding of your business and its needs in the future.

    Managing Director
  • Andrew has a meticulous approach to candidate screening that makes his service very effective. He appreciates that to offer a tailored service to clients he has to first understand the skills and aspirations of people looking for postions. Candidates invariably have a face to face meeting to review job histories and aspirations. Possible opportunites are disucssed in advance and meaningful feedback is always provided. His service helped me successfully transition into other fields - something you do not get from a lot of the other consultancies.

    Manufacturing Manager
  • I would like to say a massive thank you to AstraVia and Victoria for finding me a job placement in what must be record time. I'd sent an email on the thursday and I started work the following Wednesday. Victoria kept me up to date on the whole process and was fantastic, I had been out of work since returning to Swansea for 3 months and after sending out so many applications I was getting a little dis-heartened and then just one e-mail to Victoria and I had a job who could ask for more . Thankyou so much again.

    Production Supervisor placed October 2012