For Employers

We want to understand your business

AstraVia seeks to create a partnership with our clients to enable us to be fully effective in sourcing the people you want for your business. We want to understand your business with confidence to relay the true benefits of joining your organisation onto prospective employees. 

In the current climate, widespread availability of candidates takes care of the quantity; our strong selection process takes care of the quality.

The wealth of competition means businesses can face an exhaustive list of candidates.

AstraVia filters unsuitable applicants. This frees up your interview time to focus on only the most suitable of applicants.  

The team at AstraVia are always proactive in our approach; Good candidates do not stay as active jobseekers for very long and quality candidates will not always make themselves known. It is our job to find them for you. We find those elite candidates that may not actively be in the market but are waiting for someone to find them!

We want you to get the best from AstraVia, some things you may not want to hear from us, but we want your candidate search to succeed so we will advise you if you are looking for a skill set that does not match the budget you have. We want to understand your recruitment budgets and want you to talk to us about them – we want you to know that you are getting value for money. We want a symbiotic relationship – to work with you not against you.

In addition we will advise candidates of their expectations if they want a salary that is too high for their skill set, location etc.

We will provide you with ongoing advice, relevant market expertise, and industry news.

We can help speed up the recruitment process through our experience and contacts. Helping you to reduce your time spent hiring also helps our reputation, which enables us to attract the best candidates...

When do you need us

  • Fluctuations in workload
  • Staff absences
  • Flexible staffing arrangements
  • A new product / contract / Project
  • Permanent Positions.